Glenn w/ 2N’s

Glenn Hartrick, an avid triathlete, was on a routine training ride the morning of June 12th, 2014 when his ride became anything but routine. A cycling accident which resulted in injuries that would change his life forever.

He was immediately transported to Hackensack University Medical Center where he underwent several hours of surgery. While his injuries were extensive, a dream team of physicians worked on him to the best of their abilities. Glenn spent nearly a week in ICU before being transferred to the critical care unit where he realized he would no longer have the ability to control his legs.

After what felt like the longest month of his life, Glenn graduated to Kessler Rehabilitation Center. The world renowned, state of the art facility welcomed Glenn with open arms as they would have to take on many challenges together throughout the next two months. They grew to love this overly motivated athlete who was never willing to give up. Together they overcame many overwhelming challenges and obstacles, achieving physical milestones which would ultimately allow Glenn to break the tape of a finish line once again.



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2015 - Current

GH - Para-Athlete

Para | Able


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2006 - 2014

GH - Able Body
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GH - Swimming


Competitive swimmers leverage their arms to pull, a strong core provides stability, while legs supply a powerful kick. While only being able to use his arms, Glenn has had to re-define the way he swims.

GH - Handcycle


The handcycle is an arm-powered bicycle which allows Glenn to power, steer and shift using just his arms. Although the components are similar to a standard bicycle, all the power comes from the riders upper body rather than their legs.

GH - Pushcycle


The pushrim racing chair is propelled forward once again by Glenn’s arms. Glenn uses special gloves to stroke the inside rim of each rear wheel, while the front wheel is used to steer and brake.